My Favorite Memories in Rome 

Tour the Colosseum 








We actually purchased a guided tour group at the entrance. It was cheap at 10 Euro so we felt it was worth it. Plus, we were able to skip the long lines and get right in. We felt the outside was more beautiful than the inside!

**Avoid eating right outside of the Colosseum. Find a piazza in the city for a meal. We had our first meal next to the Colosseum and it was very disappointing!

Walk through the Forum 

IMG_0798We also had a guided tour for this and it was a package deal with the Colosseum. Again, this was a spontaneous purchase so do some research if you want to purchase a guided tour before you leave for your trip.




Visit the Trevi Fountain 

IMG_0897This was packed when we were there. We went twice; once during the day and once in the evening. Both were busy, but still fun to see!





Visit the Pantheon 

IMG_1080Lots of detail to see inside and I think it’s beautiful lit up at night.






Spend 1/2 a day at the Vatican 

IMG_0947I’m sure many people could spend two days at The Vatican. Again, we weren’t completely organized before leaving for Rome and we were able to get a guided tour close to the entrance. We were able to get right in & see the main areas. The guided tour took us through the museum.






Do a Self-Guided Tour of the Basilica










We did a self-guided tour in the Basilica. Be sure to climb the stairs and go to the top of the Basilica for some great views!





Eat in a Piazza and People Watch 

IMG_1071I didn’t have any bad food in Rome! As much as there is to see in Rome, I also wanted to find a few hours to relax. Find a piazza, order a drink & meal and enjoy the people watching!

Greece – Athens, Hydra and the Surrounding Islands Home of Olympia!

Traveling to Europe is one of my favorite adventures. This time, we traveled to Athens, Greece!