Explore the Jewish Quarter

praguebetterYou can pay for what sites you want to see, but we paid our way into all of the sites. We liked the Jewish cemetery and the Old-New Synagogue best. The buildings in this area were beautiful!




Also, the Castle Quarter







Our hotel was right next to the Charles Bridge. Our first day, we crossed the bridge and wandered in and out of shops until we arrived to the Castle Quarter. It’s an area that’s walled in and contains a large cathedral, Saint Vitus, a treasury, the Golden Lane, and much more. Our favorite was the Golden Lane that consisted of tiny living quarters for many of the city’s workers. They were lived in until WWII.

Visit the John Lennon Wall 

prague2It’s a memorial to John Lennon and his ideas for peace. It’s also a monument to free speech.





Old Town and the Astronomical Clock 

prague4Great food vendors are in the square and people gather round for the clock to go off every hour. You can enjoy the wooden figure apostles, the Astronomical Dial and the Calendar Dial.







Of course, enjoy a walk over the Charles Bridge 

prague5You can shop the vendors and observe artists doing their work.






Enjoy the local beer and food

20140914_190314_editedczechfoodWhat a treat. We usually started out splitting a beer, but always ended up ordering more. The bread dumplings, pork and sauerkraut were so tasty.

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